The Best Way To Measure Your Futon Mattress

The Best Way To Measure Your Futon Mattress

Most standard futon covers that you're going to discover on the shelf in a store, or on-line will come with a standard depth of 6", and can match futon mattresses which are 6" to eight" thick. A 6" deep futon cowl will truly fit an eight" futon best, and it will have a really nice snug fit. In case your mattress is thicker or thinner, you might have to customized order your cover. The following data will help you decide the most effective size futon cowl to order, to get the best fit.

Futon covers are usually ordered with a depth of two inches less than the thickness of the mattress. That is because when the futon cushion is flat, a canopy is at it is tightest. Unless the futon pad is barely used for a bed, and it would not fold like it might in a futon frame. In case your cowl is for bed use only, it's best to order a cover that's the same thickness as the mattress. In case your cowl is for a folding futon sofa, that makes a bed, when it is folded into a sofa place, the bend creates slack in the cover. So, by ordering covers just a little on the tight side, they'll fit best, and look perfect, when your futon is within the sofa position.

There are some exceptions to this rule and people are some innerspring futons, or some super soft, or super agency futons. Find a futon skilled somewhere, and ask for their advice. Most covers might be custom-made to suit any futon mattress, irrespective of how thick, or what the precise measurement is.

This is one of the best ways to measure a futon mattress. If your futon mattress is squared on the perimeters, like a conventional mattress, just measure the length, width, and depth. If your futon mattress is more rounded on the edges, it is a bit of harder to measure because it's a must to use an imaginary line where the thickest a part of the futon mattress is. So, measure the size, width, and thickness, and included the part of the futon mattress that is bulging, or rounded on the edges. Do not just measure the top seams. Remember though, a futon mattress will not be a strong block of wood. If you're off by an inch or so, the duvet will nonetheless match, and can look fine. If you are extraordinarily particular about the match of your cowl, then by all means, hunt down the advice of your native futon store, or discover a futon specialty store and talk about it with them.

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